What can a Virtual Assistant do for you? What better way to answer that, than with some colorful imagery with our latest infograph. Now that we have answered all your questions. Checkout out all of our services Download a copy for yourself BTS INFOGRAPH

What Can A Virtual Assistant Do For You?

Behind the Scene Execs is on its way to help you with all your business struggles. Our new line of videos are made to help you with diverse questions you might have, with a comprehensive set of instructions and a walk through video. We’ve covered various topics, such as making […]

Tips On Tuesday: Helping You Become A Pro

In this ever expanding digital world- where you can practically run a business from your cell phone or tablet- a new workforce has been sparked: the Virtual Assistant. OK, truth is Virtual Assistants have been around for the last twenty years. But as technology has expanded and business owners have […]

Virtual Assistants: The New Workforce

Tips on Tuesday: Make a Fillable Box with MS Word Ever found yourself putting “INSERT HERE” on a form using MS Word? There is a way to put an invisible box in MS Word that does it for you, like a line and “insert here” in one! Watch our short […]

Make A Fillable Box With Word

How To Work With A Virtual Assistant When people learn that I am a virtual assistant, they instantly ask, “What can you do for me?”. I am expected to have a million ideas right off the top of my head with no information from the interested party. That’s a lot […]

What can you do for me?

Adventures of a Virtual Assistant is our newest blog series. We will show you tips, tricks and the occasional laugh, to use in your daily business. Check back every Tuesday for our latest tip. Behind the Scene Execs started with a laugh. Enjoy . . . “How to make the […]

How to make the perfect Virtual Assistant.

We’re back to highlight one more common mistake that business owners deal with each and every day. Our last post focused on the broad spectrum: Boosting business with blogging and utilizing social media. This week, we’re hitting a little closer to home by highlighting the importance of back-up support in […]

Common Mistakes Business Owners Make: The One Man Show